Simple Harvest Farm
~ Sustainably Producing Food For Our Community ~
Welcome! Here at Simple Harvest Farm, we are committed to producing healthy food as sustainably as possible.

Our animals are raised on grass pastures & our gardens are heavily mulched with our own hay.

We do not use any chemicals on our gardens nor feed any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics to our animals.

We offer hands-on educational tours: picking eggs, milking goats, felting wool--connecting you and your family with the soil, air and water that feeds us all.

Here's a list of what we grow and sell: 

Eggs, chickens, lamb, pork, beef, dairy goats, meat goats, goat milk soap, Icelandic Lopi Wool Yarn & fleeces for spinnning, ducks, geese, turkeys, meat rabbits, veggies, herbs, pumpkins, flowers.
Contact Information
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(507) 664-9446
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9800 155th Street East